Vignette2AKWAFUN brings interactive games in the heart of swimming pools that get transformed in digital playgrounds for children and the swimmers in general. Augmented Reality exploration games installed in the AKWATYX consoles allow to play in network to different kind of games, such as treasure hunts, racing with dolphins and much more. Games can be played individually or in network.







Interactive aquatic games



AKWAFUN is empowered by the following technologies integrated in the AKWATYX consoles:


  • HD camera: Allow to capture the real subaquatic environment that is displayed on the console’s screen

  • GPSFor outdoor pools geo-localisation

  • WI-FI: for communication between consoles and with the internet

  • Transducer sound system: Allow voice transmission between consoles’ users and with staff on the poolside

  • Augmented Reality applications: underwater AR arcade games, treasure hunts, serious gaming, training…