Vignette5AKWACOM is based on underwater audiovisual communication between divers and a local area network (LAN) or the Internet. A diving instructor, equipped with an AKWATYX console, connected to a surface communications buoy, can share his underwater exploration with people stayed on board or with Internet users connected to our dedicated platform for live video streaming. A dive center can reach thousands of people throughout the world, marine biologists can organize underwater videoconferences with schools or with Internet users…





Underwater videoconferencing applications


AKWACOM is based on the following technologies integrated into the AKWATYX consoles:

• HD Camera: Capture underwater photos and videos and broadcast live streaming video through our communication buoy

• LED lights: for underwater lighting

• Sounder: Collect bathymetric data (optional)

• Communication Buoy: GPS, WiFi , 3G or 4G for local access network (LAN) or internet