Vignette6AKWASEA is based on Augmented Reality information, such as points of interest, that enhance the snorkeling trail. Snorkelers, equipped with an AKWATYX console,  can have access to local information describing the local sea life that has been previously positioned on the AKWATYX dedicated web platform by nearby diving clubs. Seafari, geo-caching games and participative science missions can be organized to transform the beach shores or the open sea into an interactive and edu-taining playground. AKWASEA also allows to share live underwater videos, by Wi-Fi (LAN), with people stayed onboard the boat or yacht.





Geolocalized Augmented Reality apps



AKWASEA is empowered by the following technologies integrated in the AKWATYX consoles:


  • HD camera: take pictures and videos. Live underwater image captures needed for broadcasting and for AR inlay

  • GPS: geo-localize the users at sea and to geo-position the pictures and videos captured by the console

  • WI-FI: communication between users of the consoles, with the nearby boat or resort (LAN) and with the internet

  • Transducer sound system/microphone: voice communication between users