An Internationally rewarded product

VirtualDive has been rewarded by major international prizes for its innovative projects dedicated to the discovery of the oceans using new technologies:

Best design for an innovative industrial product

Star of Design 2014, 
Paris (FRANCE): Best Design for new marketed French product



One of the most rewarded product

Invention Fair 2013, Geneva (Switzerland):
– Gold medal award in the “computer” category, with honors
– Franco-Swiss Chamber of Commerce and Industry Award
– French Industrial Property Award (INPI)

Other awards


Techinnov 2013, Paris (FRANCE): Technological & innovation prize

Grand Prix Laval Virtual 2009, Laval (FRANCE): Exhibit dedicated to Virtual Reality

IntraVerse Awards 2009, Imagina (Monaco): Best R&D project
“The most innovative virtual experience” (Comments from the Jury)

1st prize at Aqualie 2008, Lyon (FRANCE): Best innovative project for swimming pools

1st prize at Tourisma, Cannes (FRANCE): Innovation in the tourism and leisure industry